Sunday, 27 November 2016

Atomic Bombs

What if
We were reincarnated?

I was the plutonium bombs,
I was everywhere to be found,
Burned like stars in the northern sky;
Yet my walls were too high
And my insecurity was too deep,
For I was so difficult to be created!

And you,
You were the uranium bombs,
You were the rare atom, of one in a million.
The one that I had been searching for,
To create a massive fusion for us two.

And together
We could create the hydrogen bombs
And explode the whole world
With our love

But yet,
We were too toxic,
Too destructive for each other,
That we keep hurting our bodies;
Roaming through the sky,
Just to sacrifice ourselves in the land of earth,
As to die and to be killed,

As if 
we were 
never destined 
for each other.


26.11.2016 // 20.10

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