Hi. I'm the girl behind this blog, as known as Adelia Dinda, born in 1998 and currently studying Communication in University of Indonesia. If you're wondering (perhaps), I run this blog since 2010 and when I decided to make a new one, I thought it would be okay to continue this 6-years-old blog so I did a whole makeover to this one. And of course I removed all those nonsense and fetus posts that I wrote in this blog because it's too embarassing I even laughed at myself. Hell, I even wonder how could hundreds of people read my old posts without cringing at all? Okay whatever just forget it.

Growing up as an INFP used to make me think that I'm different than other people. As a child, I prefer to read or draw alone rather than putting myself in the crowd. Being a teenager as I am now, I realize that it's just my nature to keeping a space for myself. However, on the other side, I'm not antisocial and I love meeting new people, especially going to new places. I always seek for a new adventure and somehow my soul is always craving for a trip to learn unknown things in life. I'm more a seaside person than city or countryside person. I love nature as much as I love myself and my hobbies include praising the good nature view or taking too many pictures of ocean. 

Even though I'm more an introvert than an extrovert, I love concerts so much that I will likely do anything to get concert tickets of my favorite bands. Fangirling is one of my things too beside 'wanderlust-ing', drawing sketches or doodles, reading poems and writing nonsense things. Most of the time, I'm too clueless and getting lost in my confusion as I have no idea what I should do or what I should be in a few years. 

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